How to listen internet radio?

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Key Features:

  • Listen to any Radio Station on Your PC
  • Listen Live Free Web Radio
  • No registration required! It's Free!
  • listen to music, talk radio, sports radio, local news


MyRadioAccess Toolbar is a free program that claims to enable you enjoy one-click access to the latest music, including a wide variety of streaming radio stations, music videos, industry headlines, plus song and artist recommendations – all in one convenient spot! is a browser search engine which offers you quick access to Facebook, Twitter log in, and any other popular website.


Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations

The MyRadioAccess toolbar claims to provide users with direct access to various radio stations, music videos, podcasts, and other related features - "MyRadioAccess - Free Online Radio, Music Videos, Podcasts & More - All from one convenient place on your browser!" These false claims often trick users into believing that MyRadioAccess is a legitimate browser extension, however, it is categorized as a browser hijacker and a potentially unwanted program (PUP). After infiltrating the system, MyRadioAccess modifies browser settings and monitors Internet browsing activity.